Architectural Photography

Professional photography of architecturally designed spaces for commercial purposes


Photographing the built environment, from elegant interiors to modern exteriors, brings great satisfaction and challenges to the art of image expression and capture. Effective architectural photography is about selling an idea, a concept that captures the original design intent and the building in context of the environment and its inhabitants

Unlike real estate photography, which is designed to market a home for future prospects, architectural photography is a slower, more measured process. It begins with clear communication and a complete understanding of your brief, long before the camera comes out of the bag. Sometimes, multiple visits are required to determine best light opportunities and even staging of inhabitants to help tell a story.

Most of the time however, whether it’s to showcase the architect’s design or to show the appeal of a retail store or commercial office space, I'm often working with tight time frames, photographing around the flow of customers or home owners, builders with little patience or time. I pride myself on being professional, polite and flexible to ensure all parties are working together to get the best outcome.

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Up to 30 retouched images

Early sunrise or sunset included


$650 - for half day + briefing

$1,450 - for full day + coordinated briefings

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